MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones 「AVABEL ONLINE」

Inquiries and issues about log-in

  • ▼If I delete the application, will my character be erased?
  • If I delete the application, will my character be erased?
  • All character data is saved to the server.

    Although the app was deleted from the device, data will not be deleted in the server. It will be necessary to retrieve the data through ASOBIMO Phone Number Verification.

    Please complete the registeration for ASOBIMO Phone Number Verfication before you delete the app.

    Please check the details regarding ASOBIMO Phone Number Verification from here.
  • ▼When I play on my device, it gets hot. Are there any ways to avoid this?
  • When I play on my device, it gets hot. Are there any ways to avoid this?
  • Like many other online games, AVABEL ONLINE also consumes a lot of battery due to maintaining server connection.
    Batteries tend to heat up when consumed while charging at the same time.

    They also get hotter the more the battery is consumed. Overheating may be reduced if you play when your mobile device is fully charged or play on a "Wi-Fi(R)" connection.

    *"Wi-Fi" is a Trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • ▼About behavior of the game
  • Can you do anything about the game being so slow and laggy?
  • There may be possibilities where control is unstable.
    Please set up level of graphic from Option > Config and

    -- Set the "Render Lv" to Lo. or Med.
    -- Set the "Displayed Number" to Sm. or Med.
    -- Set the "Displayed area" to Sm.

    There may be less burden to your device with different setting.

    Also,Moving to a channel with less players will also have some effect.
  • ▼I can't update AVABEL ONLINE.
  • I can't update AVABEL ONLINE.
  • Please confirm if the version of AVABEL ONLINE installed in your device is the latest.
    In case there is an update, "Update" button will be displayed on Google Play Store.

    If you only see "Open" button in the Google Play Store and cannot update although you are on old version, that may be resolved by performing "Clear cache" on Play Store, so please try the procedure below.

    - Clear Cache Procedure
    Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > tap "Clear cache"
  • ▼Forgot Google account (Gmail address) password
  • Forgot Google account (Gmail address) password
  • We are sorry but as we do not handle your Google account (Gmail address) password or other personal information, we are unable to provide you any specific information concerning your password.

    Please contact Google directly for issues concerning password reset.

    Please go to Google's recovery page directly by accessing the URL below:
    *You will be moved to external website.

    You can reset your password by answering your security question and filling in the corresponding items.

    *"Google", "Android", and "Google", "Android" logos are registered Trademarks of Google Inc.
  • ▼I can't see my character after selecting my Google account.
  • I can't see my character after selecting my Google account.
  • There is possibility that you have chosen a different Google account, which you did not create your character in.
    Please try the procedure below, and choose the Google account that you created your character in.

    - Clear Data Procedure
    1. Select "Settings" for your device.
    2. Select "App".
    3. Select "AVABEL ONLINE" app
    4. Select "Clear data"
    *There will be a message "All this app's data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases, etc.", but your play data will not be deleted.

    5. When you installed the app again, you can retreive back the data from Retreive > Google Account and select the Google Account which you have created the character.

    If the account you wish to login with is not displayed, there is a possibility that the account is not added in you device.
    Please follow the procedure below to add account.

    - Account Setting Procedure
    1. "Settings" > "Accounts" > "Add account" > Select "Google".
    2. The page "Add your account" will be displayed.
    3. Enter your email and password you have set when creating account to add the account to your device.
    4. On the initial application boot, the screen to select account used for authentication will be displayed, so please select the added account to use your previous character data.

    *We cannot answer to questions such as "Which character is in which Google account".
    If you cannot recover your account from the page below, please contact Google Inc.