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    Limited time event! "Gems Purchase campaign" Resumption
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    To thank our fellow players, the "Gems Purchase campaign" will be held!


    Limited items gifted when you purchase a certain amount of Gems!

    [Gems required and gifted items]
    --- 1 Gem
    1st time you purchase, you will get
    -- 1 Droid C-B Helmet
    -- 1 Dango Set
    -- 1 Support Book 30

    2nd time you purchase, you will get
    -- 1 Beginners Box
    -- 1 C- Blossom Cookie Set
    -- 2 Support Book 30s

    3rd time you purchase, you will get
    -- 1 New Birth Wing B
    -- 1 Support Book 70
    -- 99 HP Recovery Ls
    -- 99 SP Recovery Ls

    --- 6 Gems
    1st time you purchase, you will get
    -- Thank you BOX

    2nd time you purchase, you will get
    -- 1 Colorless Crown
    -- 1 Extra Support Book 70

    --- 27 Gems
    you get the following;
    -- Weird Copper Coin

    *For players that have already received the Colorless Crown and Extra Support Book 70, the Thank you BOX will be gifted at the 2nd time.
    *Please note that you will not receive the items above the 3rd time you purchase.

    - Only 1 time per account.
    - You will be gifted up to 3 times for 1 account when you purchase 1 Gem.
    - Please note that the gifted items will differ upon the times you have purchased 1 Gem.
    - Players that have participated the previous "Gems Purchase campaign" can also join this campaign.
    - The item will be added to the Shop BOX when purchased.
    - Only valid for players who have purchased the above.
    - You will not receive the item purchasing a total separately.
    - The amount of Gems required for purchase may differ upon payment methods.
    - Please note that you may not be able to purchase the amount of Gems you desire in a certain payment method.

    This is a limited offer including limited items!
    Be sure to try it out!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team