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    Limited event! "Copper Coin Jackpot Pack" now on sale
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.
    The "Copper Coin Jackpot Pack" will be on sale starting today for a limited time!
    A chance to win up to 100 "Weird Copper Coin"s in the "Copper Coin Jackpot Pack"!
    Win the Jackpot and aim for the "Weird Copper Coin"s!!
    [Prize Items]
    100 Weird Copper Coins
    10 Weird Copper Coins
    5 Weird Copper Coins
    3 Weird Copper Coins
    1 Weird Copper Coin
    Shining BOX
    Chic Blue Box 5
    Chic Blue Box 4
    Chic Blue Box 3
    Chic Red Box 5
    Chic Red Box 4
    Chic Red Box 3
    Exciting Box 5
    Exciting Box 4
    Exciting Box 3
    Red Sticky
    Blue Sticky
    Green Sticky
    Rouge Memo Pad
    Indigo Memo Pad
    Verdure Memo Pad
    Red Foreign Paper
    Blue Foreign Paper
    Green Foreign Paper
    HP Recovery Box
    SP Recovery Box
    [Item price]
    5 Gems per Spin
    [Period for sale]
    From 6/16/2014
    * 1 item from the [Prize Items] list will be won for every 1 Spin purchase.
    * The item column will be displayed as "Weird Copper Coin" when you win the "Weird Copper Coin".
    * For the amount of the "Weird Copper Coin"s won, check the Shop BOX.
    Check out our Shop!
    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team