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    [06/09 Edit]About issues currently confirmed/关于当前确认到的异常现象
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.
        This is information about the conditions regarding currently confirmed issues.
    Issues currently confirmed■Cannot connect to game
    *Investigating the issue

    Fixed issues
    ■The effects of "Types ORBs" are not reflected properly
    ■Olion is not sold at the Item Shop
    ■Although even owning necessary amount of "Evolution Gangue," shows "Production failed" when customizing weapon
    ■Error displays when using Pet's Copper Coin Pack
    ■The [%] next to "Housing Level" doesn't move in the "Guild Room"
    ■The opening time is written as JST 00:00 to 23:50 at League Reception
    ■When you start the dungeon by using the items with the following effects, the related icons will disappear
    ・Raises acquired EXP
    ・Raises acquired JEXP
    ・Raises drop rate
    ■The following issues occur when you tap each case from "Option" to "Case"
    ・Do not show anything whenever you tap
    ・When tapping the [?] button, it doesn't move to the Help Page and freezes
    ■The following issues occur and unable to login when starting the Steam version
    ・Error with failed verification
    ・Account data is not shown and is treated as a new character
    *This is an issue of unable to show the account correctly. Your account is not deleted.
    ■Tripping Gale of Geo Dancer is dealing physical attack
    ■The item detail do not show even adding Growth ORBs.
    ■Error occurs when trying to awake.
    ■Unable to evolve arms, expert evolve and synthesize items.
    ■Unable to enhance the arms that are not reached to the maximum enhance level
    ■Demon Eater's passive skill's name is shown as "Fundamentals of Blood Seeker"
    ■Cannot make an entry for PvP tournament with Lv500 character
    ■Unable to achieve the Daily Achievements, although joining the 7th Anniversary Battle Royale opened 20:00 to 20:30

    ■Receiving EXPs are reduced when using 15 stars of Mevius Dagger 360 as Pet's food
    ■Unable to activate the effect, unless changing the equipment after using Pyroxene

    ■Metal Worker's Swing Roll element was None element, rather than Fire element
    ■Trap Gunner's Invisible Trap's effect continues to cause damage even after disappeared

    ■Not able to sell when the price exceeds 1 billion when selling the items
    ■Unable to use the Orb since there is "Battle" in it
    ■Unable to receive some defeat reward items correctly
    ■Private Rush not opened
    ■Advanced item in the Shop Box which was planned to change wasn't changed and not shown
    ■ Guild farm fields and fishing areas may not work properly
    ■The damage may not occur when you evade while the skill is active
    ■Unable to clear quests from Trainer Bennan
    ■Unable to accept release quest and collect quest from "Faine" in the entrance of Revere
    ■Max Boost's additional damage is not applied to recovery skill
    ■There may be times where it doesn't proceed from Loading screen when joining Official GvG
    ■The display shows minus when it exceeds 2 billion, when sold in a batch
    ■2020/4/22 Achievement does not update for a Total 1 million, after 4:00.
    ■An issue of showing that awakening has failed when arms-awakening the Crysta Arms.

    ■ Unable to draw Free 10x 15 stars Mevius 340 Pack, and unable to get rewards although clearing defeat point 1 million.
    ※We have fixed as completing 4/16 compensation to everyone, and achieve will be correctly updated from 4/17
    ■ Victim Rain:Not showing reducing power for skill adjustment
    ■ Full Spada:Skill's visual and range do not match the hit timing
    ■ Cannot move to a specific map

    ■ Unable to open "Crescent Ring BOX"
    ■ An issue with recovery effect and HP bar's display duplicated with some skill.
    ∟Actual recovery effect will be shown only once.
    ■ The skill activates where it can't reach the enemy when using Siren Skill's "Scene of Red" in auto mode
    ■ Failed to take a screenshot with Android 10
    ■ Conducting a specific control in the official PvPUI will show other teams in the frame of your team
    ■ Pet taken out don't show in the field when logging in from the title screen
    ■ Icon of the character list during the match don't show in the official GvG UI
    ■ Lapidary's Heal Bomb skill's appearance and effects do not match the timing
    ■ The issue of not be able to rank up from 3 to 4 in Guild Rank, although the conditions are met.
    ■The Battle-P do not change although the Level Counter Stop Bonus is applied
    ■Cannot register "Hindering Core Crystal" in Collect Book
    ■Guild Active Skill "Hunter's Wisdom" is activated, the selling price is correct but the effect on the display is not added.
    We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused and we appreciate your patience until the issue is fixed.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team


    ■联盟申请处显示错误的举办期间: JST 00:00~23:50



    ■2020/4/22 4:00后,讨伐点数100万的成就未更新

    ■ 讨伐得分达到100万后无法获得报酬,免费10连抽莫比乌斯340★15扭蛋无法显示以及回转
    ■ 牺牲之雨:未反映技能调整后本应减少的威力
    ■ 重空间斩:技能外观与范围、HIT时机存在误差
    ■ 无法移动至特定地图

    ■ 无法打开「三日月指环箱」
    ■ 部分技能的回复效果与HP量条会重复显示的异常现象
    ■ 玩家于自动模式下使用海妖的技能「红色景象」时,发动技能的位置无法攻击到敌人
    ■ Android10截屏失败的异常现象
    ■ 在官方PvP系统界面中进行特定操作后,己方队伍的栏位会显示其他队伍的异常现象
    ■ 从标题画面登入后的所在场地内,无法显示随身宠物的异常现象
    ■ 官方PvP系统界面无法显示比赛中的角色一览图标
    ■ 晶石大师的疗癒之果,技能显示与实际效果存在时间差的异常现象
    ■ 即使满足条件,公会等级也无法从3升级为4的异常现象


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