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    Let's get Valentine Furnitures and avatars! "Chocolat Valentine" is now open!/获得情人节家具和时装吧!「巧克路情人节」开办啦!


    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    That sweet and bitter season has come this year again―――!
    We will be holding the event "Chocolat Valentine" after the maintenance on February 5th, 2020 (Wed)!

    DetailsGet Valentine Furnitures and Valentine Avatars by clearing each quest and challenge dungeons!
    *It is also scheduled to add advanced challenge dungeons and rewards from February 12, 2020!

    Event PeriodFrom 2/5/2020 after the maintenance - until 2/19/2020 04:59 (GMT)
    How to join event "Chocolat Valentine"① Go to "Valen Town" from "Valent Town Guide Ren" next to the Event Square entrance!

    ② Let's help out Chocolin in the event map and collect the materials!
    Clear "Valentine Quests" from "Chocove" and receive those rewards!
    *You can only accept and receive rewards from Valentine Quest once per 1 character.
    *You will not be able to receive item rewards if your bag and storage are full.

    ③The necessary materials to clear the quests can be received at "Chocolate Factory. Let's go talk over to Chocor!
    *There will be "Nov," "Int," "Adv," and "Ex Adv" difficulties and the next difficulty dungeon will be unlocked.
    *High difficulty dungeon will be added from 2/12.

    ④ You can bring the received rewards to "[Reward Exchanger] Keil" and "[Furniture Exchanger] Sheratan" in the Event Map to receive event items♪

    RewardLet's get those event items by enjoying the Valentine Event!

    *Please note that event-limited items will only be available for production and exchanges during the event and will be closed after the event ends.

    Enjoy creating your sweet and bitter memories of Valentine with everyone!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team


    感谢您一直以来对「阿瓦贝尔战纪 ~AVABEL ONLINE~」的支持。



    ※ 预定从2月12日(三)起,将追加新的高级挑战迷宫以及报酬

    活动期间2020年2月5日 维护后 ~ 2020年2月19日 12:59为止
    如何参加活动?① 可通过活动广场入口旁边的NPC「情人节小镇嚮导 莲」,前往活动地图「情人节小镇」!

    ② 帮助活动地图的NPC「巧克莱」收集材料!

    ③ 可于挑战迷宫「点心作坊」获得完成任务所需的各种素材。

    ※ 难度分为「初级」、「中级」、「上级」、「超级」。每通关一级难度后,即开放下一难度迷宫。
    ※ 2/12起将追加更高难度的挑战迷宫。

    ④将获得的报酬交给活动地图NPC「【报酬交换人】 凯尔」和「【家具交换人】榭拉唐」,可获得活动道具♪




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    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team