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  • BUG

    Regarding the login restriction to some characters and accounts that occurred on 6/9./关于6月9日部分角色和帐号无法登入的问题现象
    We have confirmed that there were problems with characters and account data that had logged in during the following period, so we had restricted logins to those affected characters and accounts from 6/9 15:15-20:33.

    We apologize for the inconvenience to those affected by this issue
    In addition, players that were subject to this login restriction was compensated with “10 Unpaid Gems” on 6/9 20:45.

    Target period
    • 6/9  14:02 ~ 14:35(JST)
    The issue
    • The status reflects the wrong values, and the arms are no longer exclusive with battle power achievement completed

    Regarding the actions taken
    • We have reset the battle power achievement that have been achieved due to this issue, and recovered the gold received for the reward.
    • We have returned the exclusive use of arms to the state that it was in before the scheduled maintenance.
    • As compensation, we have distributed unpaid gems to players affected by this login restriction.
    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team
    我们已确认到以下期间登入的角色以及帐号的资料中存在如下问题, 因此在6月9日15:15~20:33期间(日本时间)将对象角色及帐号设定为无法登入状态。



    • 6/9 14:02 ~ 14:35(日本时间)

    • 状态数值发生异常,造成战斗力成就无条件达成
    • 武具失去专属特性

    • 将异常问题造成的战斗力成就重置,并回收达成成就时发送的金币。
    • 武具的专属化状态重置为定期维护之前的状态。
    • 向被限制登入的对象玩家发送免费魔石作为补偿。
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